Eating your way around the jazz festival

Tracy Schuhmacher | June 22, 2016 | Democrat & Chronicle

This may be sacrilege for a food writer to say, but for me, the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival is about:

1. Music;
2. People watching (and socializing);
3. Food.

In that order.

Even though I consider the food plaHearty and delicious

If you have a hearty appetite or want to share with a friend, there’s no shortage of options. Here are six best bets.

. . .

What: Frisket ($9)
Where: Marty’s Meats food truck

Everything at Marty’s Meats is made by hand, including sauces, pickles and chips. My favorite is the Frisket sandwich, braised brisket shining with barbecue sauce and served simply adorned with pickles, because that’s all it needs. I’ve also heard good things about the Country sandwich ($8), buttermilk fried chicken breast with pickles, lettuce and ranch.

Marty’s Meats will be on Main Street every day of the festival, with the exception of July 2, when it will move to the Midtown area.ying second fiddle to the music, I still want what I eat to be delicious. So here are food strategies for good food that allows for the maximum intake of music.