Why he started a career in food. I have always equated food to fun and happy times. Whether it was a birthday party, graduation, Sunday family Chinese, or cooking a BBQ for friends, it was always a great time with people you know and care for. I like to make other people happy by serving great food. If you don’t enjoy that, you probably shouldn’t be in the SERVICE business. I’d say I still have fun about 72% of the time while running a food operation.

Most playful item on his menu. Sweet & Sour Cauliflower. Tastes like chicken but better.

Favorite guilty pleasure. Country Sweet chicken tenders, Coors light and Taylor Swift, at the same time.

What his food network show would be.  In college we always talked about doing a show where the premise would be, you return from a night at the bar, semi-over-served, and would have to create a dish with whatever was in the fridge or cupboard. Kinda like chopped and intervention combined. Drunk Artie (my buddy) & Chef Marty was the name. It could work…

On the MOP experience. I think we surprise people daily. Like the beets, people are like WTF are these… in a good way. In seriousness, we put a premium on food quality. From the BBQ items to the vegetables and specials, everything must taste really good. To be a successful restaurant you have to serve consistently great food. So expect great food, at a great price, served in a casual setting. Really, really cold beer, too.

Favorite child hood dish. Duck breast. My Nanny (grandma) used to make it for us on a weekly basis.

His go-to local spot. Too many to name, but a few of my favs- Rocco, Fiorella, Chen Garden, Han Noodle, Avvino, Thai Mii Up, Le Petit Poutine, Bento Box, Roux and Antonetta’s.

On the Rochester food scene. It’s real. Get out there.

His culinary heroes. Dave Chang, Aaron Franklin, Mark Cupolo.

When he’s not working. Reading restaurant reviews, trying new foods, spending time with my wife, Laura and dog, Emma.

Favorite condiment. #Heinz4LIFE

On what’s next for Marty’s Meats. Continued daily excellence to put us in a position to potentially have another outpost and serve more great customer.